Nexthink Software

Real-time monitoring.

Nexthink takes a unique approach by providing analytical data from end users and the IT services they’re consuming. It uses self-learning, mapping and patterns to understand how all applications and services are delivered to both physical and virtual end-users, including quality of service, compliance metrics and security threats.

A serious game changer for IT, Nexthink monitors all connections and executions from end user devices in real time. Here’s how Nexthink can help drive down costs:

Assess Quality of Service
For high impact business services, ERP, Outlook, Lync etc. How are these services performing for end users?
Determine Perception vs Reality
There is often a consistent gap between reported and unreported issues. Learn the full scope of a problem independent of a user calling support.
Mean Time to Detect
Know what questions to ask, and where to go for problem resolution when your application, desktop, network, and server teams say they’re green but the end user is still experiencing problems.
Determine PC/Employee Ratio
Analytical data shows the true utilization of primary and secondary devices as well as identifying opportunities for PC reduction.
Extend the Life of a PC
Determine PC life based on end user analytical data, not the bios date of the device/refresh cycle.
Streamline Transformation Projects
VDI, WIN7, Application upgrades (internal or 3rd party). What’s tested in a lab doesn’t reflect all the variables in production. Now, you can measure success pre and post project and accelerate through the UAT process.
Improve Security
Increase endpoint threat detection & response, reduce fraud, and streamline governance risk and compliance

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